Current Exhibition Schedule

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The Pembina Hills Arts Council strives to provide a balanced exhibition program to showcase the abundance of local talent in our Pembina Valley region, while also providing educational and thought-provoking shows to stimulate the artistic community.

Coming Up in 2018:


“Born” Professional Birth Photographers of Manitoba (February 19 to March 31, 2018)

About the Exhibit:

Being born is one thing that every human on our planet has in common. As both mothers ourselves, as well as professional photographers, we have joined forces to celebrate the beauty and strength that is the welcoming of new life. We are fueled by our desire to normalize birth in a society that tends to hush open discussions surrounding it. With our art and imagery we hope to showcase the indescribable beauty that occurs where all of our journeys begin; birth.
The opening reception will take place on Saturday February 24th at 7:30pm, with an artist talk at approx. 8:00pm. We are honoured to invite you to join us in celebrating this unique and powerful exhibit.
It is an honour and a privilege every time we are trusted to enter into a family’s birth space to document their transition into parenthood (or parenthood again). We are now humbled to be able to share some of these incredible moments with all of you.

Participating Artists:

Alicia Thwaites – aliciaTphoto – www.aliciatphoto.ca
Carla Bryski – Mother Birth Doula & Photography – www.motherbirth.ca
Catherine Brown – Catherine Brown Photography – www.sacredmoments.ca
Elliana Gilbert – Elliana Gilbert Photography – www.ellianagilbert.ca
Holly Klassen – Holly Michelle Photography – www.hollymichellephotography.ca
Ilissa Kolly – Imagery by Bean – www.imagerybybean.ca
Jennifer Doran – Songbird Photography – www.songbirdphotographywpg.com
Luci Stebner – Luciana Photography – www.lucianaphotography.ca
Megan Stoneman – Stoneman Photography – www.stonemanphotography.ca


“Flow” High School Exhibition (April 3 to 28, 2018)


“Revisiting” Eunji Jung (May 1 to 31, 2018)

Description – We all used to have our own fantasies and imaginary worlds when we were little. Revisiting shows our innocence and imaginative ability which ostensibly seems to have dissipated over time, drawing inspiration from my own past emotions and imaginations. Through this collection, I hope my watercolour paintings, mixed media artwork, and digital illustrations creating a pensive and whimsical mood can help revive our inner child. Like in the movie Hook, my art plays the role of Tinkerbell, and even if for a brief moment, allow us to escape and reunite with long-forgotten imaginary friends (who have been waiting to play for a long time!), and to re-enter our own world of wonder and astonishment—one that fills our hearts with warmth, comfort, and joy. For young viewers, my art can inspire a greater scope of imagination that continues to push the boundaries of a world without boundaries.

Opening Reception:  Friday May 4th, 2018 between 7:30pm and 9:30pm


37th Annual Central Region Juried Art Exhibit Touring Show (June 2 to 29, 2018)


” Flight ” Summer Members Exhibit (July and August 2018)


“Finding Darkness and Light” Lori Lofgren (September 1 to 29, 2018)

Lori Lofgren’s work is an investigation into how light and shadow can alter our emotional perspectives, and change how we feel in our ostensibly safe places. Each piece is a representation of the moment immediately before, or following a disturbing event. This series of small-scale sculptures represent the dualities of emotion in relation to environment, scale, and the uncanny. Dualities often appear within disturbing scenes: love and hate, wealth and poverty, reality and fiction, friend and foe, secrets and discovery, life and death. These dichotomies occur as a cause or an effect of each relationship or event. This series represents those tensions by using light and shadow to both induce and highlight the uncanny. Light and shadow can create a sense of anticipation in any environment, and their contradictions often shape the way we experience even the most familiar spaces.


Art Therapy Group (October 2 to 31, 2018)

Winter Members Exhibit (November 1 to December 21, 2018)



Past Exhibitions:

“We are…”  Young artists in grades 1,2 and 3 from Minnewasta and Maple Leaf Schools (January 4- 22, 2018)

“Explorations Through Art”  Young artists in grades 5,6,7,8 from Ecole Morden Middle School (January 23 – February 17, 2018)

Winter Members Exhibition & Gallery of Gifts (November – December)

Sharon Loeppky (October 3-31)

Pembina Valley Studio Tour Participants Show (September)

Annual Summer Members Show (July 4th-August 31st)

Central Regional Juried Art Exhibition (May 30 – June 29)

Diana Persson, ‘Love & Affection – Pets in Watercolour’ (May)

Prairieland Artist Collective ‘Common Threads’ 2016 Competition (May)

Annual Regional High Schools Exhibit ‘Mystery’ (April)

Brenna George, ‘Handling Chaos‘ and Barb Wiebe ‘Ceramics’ (March)

Grey Elephant ‘In Love: The Lives of Small Town LGBT+ People and Allies’  (February 1 – 28, 2017)

Garnie Ross Photography Exhibition (February 2017)

Minnewasta School Early Years Exhibit (January 10 – 28, 2017)

Maple Leaf School Early Years Exhibit (January 2017)

Gallery of Gifts Winter Members Show
November 1 – December 31, 2016

‘More than just the art…’ curated by Pauline Braun and Audrey Lute, Manitoba Arts Network Showcase Exhibit
October 2016

Pembina Valley Studio Tour Participants Show
At PHAC through September

Summer Members Show
Our annual Summer Member Show ran through July and August

Central Region Juried Art Exhibition (CRJAE)
At PHAC through June 2016
Come view the forty pieces chosen in the juried show, which Carman hosted this year. Works from area artists, and those representing the south-central Manitoba region.

The Common Threads “Illumination” – Prairieland Artist Collective
May 3-June 2, 2016
Opening Reception Friday May 6, 2-4pm
With “Illumination”, Emerson artist Cody Klassen’s metal art was on display in our Gallery entrance throughout May.

RED: a Pembina Valley Region High Schools Group Exhibit
April 6-29, 2016
PHAC is pleased to host the annual Regional High Schools Exhibit, this year on the theme RED. As expected, students from Morden Collegiate, W.C. Miller (Altona), as well as Garden Valley and Northlands Parkway Collegiates (Winkler), have produced mature, skilled, and provocative works using various mediums and on a diversity of subjects.


We are currently booking into 2019. Artists are invited to apply to Exhibit with us!

Apply for an Exhibition

Whether you are looking to host your first solo art show, or you’ve curated a magnificent exhibition of artwork that you think has to be seen, we are willing to help.  Our exhibition space is open many months of the year for competitive exhibition proposals.  We can guarantee your exhibition proposal will be considered in detail.

To exhibit at the Pembina Hills Arts Centre, please read over the ExhibitionApplicationTerms & Conditions and submit your application.