Board of Directors

Lorne Stelmach, Chair

Through years of reporting on the local arts scene, I have come to very much appreciate what arts and culture contribute to building community, and it was a logical step for me to get directly involved now with the arts council.

I very much value the tremendous diversity of work on display here on an ongoing basis and all that it contributes through a variety of programs and workshops, and I look forward to playing a part in moving things forward.

Michelle Stelmach, Secretary

I value the arts in the multitude of versions one would find at the gallery, and have an overall appreciation of the arts.  I myself am an artist, and I also felt it was a good time for me to contribute to the community and the amazing people we have in the town and the gallery. I feel inspired by the gallery and hope that I can help someone else feel the same.

Jeffrey Klassen, Vice Chair

Olga Krahn,Director

Tammy Hendrickx, Director

The arts are an essential part to expression and part of human nature. Whether one enjoys in participating or viewing art, it’s important for mental health and community building.

I grew up in Morden in the 70s when there were no art programs in the schools or community. There was a big empty void in me that needed mentoring, longed for more. I search for art programs in other communities and ended up studying Fine Arts at U of M. As I returned to this community in 2012 I was pleased to see how developed the arts had become. PHAC has been built up throughout the years by many caring and devoted individuals, one being my grandmother Katharina Wiebe. I’m on the board to continue her work and meet the many creative people of this area.

Shelly Simoens, Treasurer


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