Current Exhibition Schedule

The Pembina Hills Arts Council strives to provide a balanced exhibition program to showcase the abundance of local talent in our Pembina Valley region, while also providing educational and thought-provoking shows to stimulate the artistic community.

Current Exhibit:

Roger Sutherland – November and December

Exhibitions Schedule for 2021

Rosemary Dazus – January

Fibre Art Divas – February

Susan Pharaoh – March

Regional High School – April

Jen Martens – May

Callen Froese – June

Central Region Juried Art Exhibit – July

In the Studio and Corn and Apple – August

Jan Jenkins – September

Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba – October

Truth and Action Group – November and December

Past Exhibitions:

Margie Hildebrand and Tammy Hendrikx – October

Mark of the Hand – Mid August and September

Fibre Art Network – June

Manitoba Craft Council Members Show – July to Mid-August

Regional High School Exhibition – April – CANCELLED due to the ongoing health concerns.

Annette Henderson – May “Earth and Fire” – CANCELLED due to the ongoing health concerns.  Annette will be back in 2022.

Wayne Letkeman – March 2020 “Looking Back”

Wes Hildebrand – February 2020 “WH – in black + white”

January 2020 – we will be carrying out maintenance to the main gallery space in preparation for a great exhibition year.  Both members gallery spaces and the gift shop will be open normal hours.

Mary Wood-McNeil – December

Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba – November

Neubergthal Commons – Satellite Gallery

James Malzahn – October

Cristiane Pravaz- September at Manitou Opera House Satellite Gallery

Fibre Art Divas – September at PHAC main gallery

August 10th to 30th = Corn and Apple Festival special exhibition installation art by Scott Bell

Summer Members Show “Reconciliation” – July to August 9th

Willi Richardson – June

Central Region Juried Art Exhibition – May

Regional High Schools – April

Naomi Gerrard and Kathryn Newsom – March 1 to 31

“In the Studio” – various artists working in the gallery – February

  • February 2 – Anya Koryukina will be working on pottery wheel
  • February 5 – Joan Switzer and Margie Hildebrand
  • February 6 – Tammy Hendrickx
  • February 7 – Margie Hildebrand
  • February 8 – Joan Switzer, Hugh Gilchrist and 3 other artists
  • February 9 – Sylke van Niekerk
  • February 12 – Anya Koryukina
  • February 13 – Marilyn Young
  • February 14 – Pauline Knockaert
  • February 15 – George Fieber
  • February 16 – Susan Crawford-Young and Natalie Rostad-Desjarlais
  • February 19 – Kathy Forness
  • February 21 – Willi Richardson
  • February 22 – Willi Richardson and others
  • February 23 – Pamela Yorke-Hardy and Wayne Letkeman
  • February 27 – Margie Hildebrand
  • February 28 – Margie Hildebrand

“Home” exhibition by Minnewasta School Grade 3 and Maple Leaf School Class 2  – January 4th to 26th, 2019.

“Gallery of Gifts” Winter Members Exhibit (November 1 to December 21, 2018)

“Inspiring Hope” Art Therapy Group (October 2 to 31, 2018)

“Finding Darkness and Light” Lori Lofgren (September 1 to 29, 2018)

” Flight ” Summer Members Exhibit (July and August 2018)

37th Annual Central Region Juried Art Exhibit Touring Show (June 2 to 29, 2018)

“Revisiting” Eunji Jung (May 1 to 31, 2018)

“Flow” High School Exhibition (April 3 to 28, 2018)

“Born” Professional Birth Photographers of Manitoba (February 19 to March 31, 2018)

“We are…”  Young artists in grades 1,2 and 3 from Minnewasta and Maple Leaf Schools (January 4- 22, 2018)

“Explorations Through Art”  Young artists in grades 5,6,7,8 from Ecole Morden Middle School (January 23 – February 17, 2018)

Winter Members Exhibition & Gallery of Gifts (November – December 2017)

Sharon Loeppky (October 3-31 2017)

Pembina Valley Studio Tour Participants Show (September 2017)

Annual Summer Members Show (July 4th-August 31st 2017)

Central Regional Juried Art Exhibition (May 30 – June 29 2017)

Diana Persson, ‘Love & Affection – Pets in Watercolour’ (May 2017)

Prairieland Artist Collective ‘Common Threads’ 2016 Competition (May 2017)

Annual Regional High Schools Exhibit ‘Mystery’ (April 2017)

Brenna George, ‘Handling Chaos‘ and Barb Wiebe ‘Ceramics’ (March 2017)

Grey Elephant ‘In Love: The Lives of Small Town LGBT+ People and Allies’  (February 1 – 28, 2017)

Garnie Ross Photography Exhibition (February 2017)

Minnewasta School Early Years Exhibit (January 10 – 28, 2017)

Maple Leaf School Early Years Exhibit (January 2017)

Gallery of Gifts Winter Members Show
November 1 – December 31, 2016

‘More than just the art…’ curated by Pauline Braun and Audrey Lute, Manitoba Arts Network Showcase Exhibit
October 2016

Pembina Valley Studio Tour Participants Show
At PHAC through September

Summer Members Show
Our annual Summer Member Show ran through July and August

Central Region Juried Art Exhibition (CRJAE)
At PHAC through June 2016
Come view the forty pieces chosen in the juried show, which Carman hosted this year. Works from area artists, and those representing the south-central Manitoba region.

The Common Threads “Illumination” – Prairieland Artist Collective
May 3-June 2, 2016
Opening Reception Friday May 6, 2-4pm
With “Illumination”, Emerson artist Cody Klassen’s metal art was on display in our Gallery entrance throughout May.

RED: a Pembina Valley Region High Schools Group Exhibit
April 6-29, 2016
PHAC is pleased to host the annual Regional High Schools Exhibit, this year on the theme RED. As expected, students from Morden Collegiate, W.C. Miller (Altona), as well as Garden Valley and Northlands Parkway Collegiates (Winkler), have produced mature, skilled, and provocative works using various mediums and on a diversity of subjects.


Apply for an Exhibition

[/custom_headline]Whether you are looking to host your first solo art show, or you’ve curated a magnificent exhibition of artwork that you think has to be seen, we are willing to help.  Our exhibition space is open many months of the year for competitive exhibition proposals.  We can guarantee your exhibition proposal will be considered in detail.

To exhibit at the Pembina Hills Arts Centre, please contact Laurie at admin@pembinahillsarts.com.