The Pembina Hills Arts Council is primarily staffed by an Administrative Coordinator, Laurie Wiebe, and a Programs and Outreach Coordinator, Tricia Dyck.

Crucial to our day to day operations, the Coordinators also rely heavily on Administrative Assistant, Wanda Pohl, and Financial Manager, Corey Hiebert.

Laurie Wiebe – Administrative Coordinator –
Laurie joined the PHAC team in January 2018.  She has a varied background in biological sciences and government administration.  Laurie is a fiber art enthusiast and is a quilter, embroiderer and a novice spinner. Laurie aspires to increase the publicity of PHAC to include people of all ages and backgrounds.  She would like to encourage different exhibits of varied art mediums and increase cultural art diversity.  As the Administrative Coordinator, Laurie brings a unique perspective having been immersed in several European multi-cultural environments over the last 16 years.

Tricia Dyck – Programs & Outreach Coordinator  started at the PHAC as a volunteer and is excited to be a part of the team! Along with her passion for the arts, she brings with her a strong set of administrative skills and a love for meeting new people.  Tricia is a mother and student, currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Art (Art History) degree at the University of Manitoba.  Tricia has thoroughly enjoyed working on the exhibitions at the PHAC over the past year, and plans to continue her pursuit of curatorial work in the future.  Her interests include contemporary art installations and the usage of symbols in art throughout history.  Tricia is fascinated with the inherent qualities of art to unite people, and bring awareness and truth into a public discourse.

 Wanda Pohl- Administrative Assistant